Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Is it difficult to switch to VoIP?

Not at all.  If you have an internet connection you're ready to go, we handle everything.  Just sign up and give a us copy of your most recent phone bill, then sit back and relax.




 02  What happens if my internet connection goes down?

Your phone system is always running in the cloud so just answer or make calls from your smartphone.  You'll never miss a call.




 03  Can I take calls on my iPhone. iPad or Android device?

Yes. You can make or take calls from anywhere your smartphone has internet access. 




 04  Can I do video conferencing?

Yes.  Video conferencing is built in.  The person you're conferencing with only needs a web browser.




 05  Is call quality the same as using land-lines?

In most cases the quality is superior to land-lines. Our handsome, touch-screen phones deliver sound in crystal clear, high-definition audio.

3CX VoIP Questions