Better Organize Your Firm


Capture and share case information. Keep your documents, notes, and schedules central and available to all.


Web-based calendar, secure, reliable.

Longbow Legal Software

Everything Together

The information you need to manage your cases all together, any time.

Runs Everywhere

Runs on a PC as a native program and on Mac, iPhone, Android or any other device that runs a modern browser as a web application. 

Raise Productivity

Get everyone running fast. Automate document production and speed case data access.  Easy to use, easy to learn.

Longbow is an easy PC and web-based management system for your law firm. Generate boiler-plate documents, image incoming documents, keep accurate notes, case details and a firm calendar, everything that’s essential for your practice. Safe and secure.

Financial Feature-set

Interfaces with leading accounting programs and the ability to track time or work on contingency allows you to control costs and recover all fees and expenses.

Full Word & Outlook Support

Open documents in Word and insert case data on-the-fly or us the biolerplate automation system.  Synch Outlook calendar & contacts and associate email with the Longbow case file.

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Yes, we can convert your data from Case Explorer or TortPro Case Management.