• sdavis50

Longbow April Release

A new update for Longbow is ready and will be rolled out to all users over the next 4 to 5 business days. Here's a list of new features and bug fixes that you can look forward to.

  1. The email button on each case window now works correctly. If you send an email using this button the email will automatically be added to the Email Tab.

  2. The Firm Calendar Report window now shows the type and status of each case, and the filter mechanism now works with all fields. You can also now save the filter to the Filter Library.

  3. You can now edit the Document Profile without opening the document. Simply right-click on the document in the document list and select Properties.

  4. The document system now supports importing Word documents, including the newer ones that use the .docx extension. You can drag and drop a Word or Excel file onto the Drag Drop window and once it shows up on the document tab you can view or edit it if desired. Note: Preview in the bottom half of the document tab is still not supported and the data insert window isn't available for those files yet either.

  5. Deleting Items on the Firm Calendar now works as expected.


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