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V16 Update 5 Supercharges Remote Working with New iOS App Supporting Video

3CX iOS App

3CX v16 Update 5 breaks work-related boundaries, allowing businesses to transition seamlessly to remote-working at a time when needed most. Create your own remote working environment with 3CX’s bundled apps for Android and iOS, supporting video calling for face-to-face communication. This coupled with the new Google Chrome extension makes v16 Update 5 the ideal business communications solution to quarantine with.

New iOS App PUSHes Boundaries with Video

A picture speaks a thousand words, let alone video! Stay close and stay connected during the lockdown. The new iOS App obtained via TestFlight now supports Apple’s updated PUSH service making it the ideal remote working companion, offering:

  • Video Calls – Face-to-face communication when calling other iOS apps, Android apps, and Client to iOS apps.

  • Secure Calls by Default – Ensures secure phone calls with the tunnel encryption capability in V16. This is denoted by the on-screen yellow padlock icon in a call.

  • Keep Calls Connected – Automatically handles unforeseen network issues and changes between WiFi or 3G/4G data connection, saving you from having to re-dial while roaming.

Keep in mind that the new iOS App will replace the existing version during May 2020. Even though the existing iOS App is supported in Update 5, you can start testing the new iOS Beta App via TestFlight to be prepared.

All PCs & Laptops Reporting for Remote Work The latest 3CX Browser Extension enables you to easily manage calls directly from your desktop, with these new features:

  • Hotkeys

  • Incoming Chat Notifications

  • Edit Settings in the Browser Extension

  • White Theme


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